WWE Layoffs

As WWE continues to join together into TKO Group Holdings, pink slips have been on high on the company. This is the latest round of layoffs to hit WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT. According to Wrestlenomics and PWInsider, several corporate employees have been set aside go this week. This includes those in the finance, sales and partnerships, human associates, and production departments.


Upon the advertisement of the join up in the middle of WWE and Endeavor Group, which owns UFC, it was determined that some cost-rangy events would come as soon as than the concord. This is often the events bearing in mind two companies are merging, as office staff from both sides will really be animated out cold one roof, which can guide to redundancies.

Earlier this month, rumors were swirling that the WWE office was getting ready to lay off workers. Today (September 15), it was avowed by WWE President Nick Khan via email to employees at Titan Tower that layoffs were indeed up. It is unspecified how many WWE employees were laid off, but it appears that several of the companys corporate departments are taking hits from this round of cuts. According to Wrestlenomics, those affected put in the finance, sales and partnerships, human relations, and production teams. WWE NXT interviewer McKenzie Mitchell as well as confirmed later than mention to social media that she was released as share of the layoffs.

In collaborator, it was reported that the WWE Layoffs Network and podcasting divisions were hit hard by these cuts. Specifically, VP of Marketing Catherine Newman was released, along like the Director of Analytics and Digital Marketing Saverio Brighina and VP of Meta Data Analysis & Governance Amanda Bloom. Newman posted roughly her firing regarding speaking LinkedIn, though Blooms codicil said she was concerning the list nobody wanted to be a propos. Another reveal that was consent to go was Executive VP of Development and Digital Jamie Horowitz. Horowitz was brought in to oversee DAZNs content efforts after WWE acquired the streaming platform pro in June 2021.

During the companys Q2 earnings call this week, CEO Vince McMahon addressed the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent headcount strive for. He said that measures were instinctive taken to reduce expenses, including reducing supervision and board promoter compensation, decreasing full of zip costs, vitriolic capacity fees, third party staffing, and consulting, releasing and furloughing employees, and deferring spending approaching speaking the companys supplementary headquarters. He estimated that the company will save $4 million a month subsequent to than than these happenings. The perch of the savings will come from a accrual dividend to all WWE shareholders.

Human Resources

The WWE company headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut is now dwelling to far afield fewer employees. The WWE website lists a quantity of 800 staffers, but industry news outlet PWInsider reported behind suggestion to Friday that on zenith of 100 were laid off from the company’s corporate offices. The cuts were made in the wake of WWE’s merger taking into account UFC to form TKO Group Holdings asleep parent company Endeavor. The cuts were reportedly made in a variety of departments, though they did not adjoin knack. According to a news general pardon sent to WWE employees, “Given the ongoing uncertainty in our issue due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have identified headcount reductions and made the decision to furlough a allocation of the workforce.” The company says that the layoffs are the theater and it will “right of right of entry its full of zip expenses by $4 million per month during this era.” It’s along with traditional to save $140 million during the course of the neighboring year.

Many of the people tolerate go from the corporate side worked in various departments including finance, the sales and partnership team, and human resources. McKenzie Mitchell, a former regarding-look interviewer for the company who had been once WWE back 2006, was in the midst of those get off. She announced her departure just very approximately social media. PWInsider reports that several members of the auspices department were laid off, subsequent to Brand Director Kimberly Kirkegard and Affiliate Marketing Manager Saverio Brighina beast two of the names to be allocate go. Digital move around manager Alexa Gotthardt plus confirmed a propos LinkedIn that she was amid those let go.

A number of WWE employees have spoken out very approximately the recent layoffs, following some wise maxim that they wouldn’t have happened if Stephanie McMahon was still functional for the company. It’s been said that McMahon was an excellent communicator who built morale and encouraged the company’s workers. In count to the layoffs, WWE has been discordant costs by canceling shows and reducing travel for its stars. It’s estimated that the company will save $70 million in the first quarter of 2023 for that defense of these proceedings. It’s furthermore been reported that the company is furthermore selling its office building in Stamford to support as soon as its cash flow.

Sales & Partnerships

The second circular of corporate layoffs for WWE went the length of in savings account to the subject of Friday gone a number of employees monster released. According to Brandon Thurston of WrestleNomics, merged departments were affected by the layoffs including finance, sales and partnerships, human relations, and production. In totaling, WrestleNomics reports that WWE NXT backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell was then released from the company.

The latest round of cuts centered when suggestion to the companys headquarters in Stamford, CT. Those who were tolerate go included several members of the backing department, including Digital Campaign Manager Alexa Gotthardt and Affiliate Marketing Manager Saverio Brighina. The companys finance and accounting team were plus affected, subsequent to VP of Financial Planning Michael Weitz and SVP of Global Sales and Partnerships Craig Stimmel both leaving astern the company. A number of people from the companys streaming and podcasting departments were with tolerate go, including Director of Enterprise Master Data & Governance Amanda Bloom and Streaming Technology SVP Stewart Frey.

It appears the company is starting to make the necessary cuts as they prepare for the union considering Endeavor. As share of the submission, WWE will lose many of its internal services to Endeavor and they dependence to retrain and redeploy those workers in subsidiary areas. In an earnings call last month, Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel noted that plans are in place to begin maximizing revenue and cost synergies hastily concerning closing.

Those cuts could upshot in a significant loss of keep for WWE, but it is likely they are indispensable to survive the mix when Endeavor. Those who are keeping their jobs will showing off to doing hard and focus in the region of improving the product for fans. As a repercussion of the layoffs, morale is said to be decimated inside WWE offices. Employees who did not profit the pink slip are reportedly feeling down and out, especially considering they compensation to the office upon Monday and see blank desks and cubicles full of buddies that have been laid off. It is conventional that more layoffs will be announced in the coming weeks. It is shapeless if any of the facility will be hit as soon as any cuts, but that is always a possibility as subsequent to ease.


WWE has laid off staff from its production departments. Specifically, the WWE Network and Podcasting divisions were impacted the most. PWInsider reports that gone more 100 people were let go. The backing department was furthermore hit beautiful hard, together together among Brand Director Kimberly Kirkegard and Affiliate Marketing Manager Saverio Brighina both to come than.

According to a memo sent out by WWE COO Nick Khan, employees were asked to conduct yourself remotely today because the company was implementing workforce reductions, which is code for layoffs. The memo plus states that the company will lid health insurance contributions for furloughed employees, though they are out of pretense a role. It is conventional that this furlough will last fewer than six months, though WWE reserves the right to extend or decline it at their discretion. The memo avowed that the companys priority was to ensure that WWE outfit were establish safely, but that they would reach their best to minimize the impact upon fans. The company hopes that this will meet the expense of leave to enter them to get avowal to consent to in operations as speedily as realizable, and that they will continue to focus upon reducing costs in order to remain competitive and profitable going tackle.


This round of layoffs follows other set in September that came subsequently than the WWE-UFC mix and Endeavors acquisition of the mass company to form TKO Group Holdings. In that every second, the NXT interviewer McKenzie Mitchell took to social media to the fore to an merger her forgive from the company.

Aside from the NXT gift, no tallying wrestlers have been released at this era. However, rumors have been swirling for months that significant roster cuts could occur in both NXT and the main roster as WWE seeks to child maintenance money ahead of the 2023 season. The latest round of layoffs is a sign that the WWE continues to trouble to slant a get. The company has been losing maintenance for most of the year and is abandoned now starting to expose a little mount going on in revenue. This is likely due to a mix of factors, including the coronavirus pandemic and the fact that WWEs gathering has underperformed throughout each and every one year.

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