• December 7, 2022

Use Gmail for email marketing Campaigns

email marketing

Simple to utilize and easy to introduce, Mailmeteor is a free email showcasing instrument for Gmail. Send customized missions to leads, prospects, or existing clients without leaving Gmail. Additionally, you ought to buy Gmail accounts for mail promotion.

Email advertising efforts, inside Gmail.

Mailmeteor transforms Gmail into a total email showcasing suite utilizing the Google instruments you are now acquainted with. Like that, you needn’t bother with an intricate, expensive email-promoting stage. You can begin sending exceptionally designated email advertising straightforwardly from Gmail. With Mailmeteor, it’s not difficult to send email showcasing, track results, and even deal with your mailing list straightforwardly inside Google Sheets.

Help your showcasing efforts with customized messages sent straightforwardly with Gmail.

In the background, Mailmeteor sends your email straightforwardly through your Gmail account while serving to build your email deliverability essentially. Your email crusades sent through Gmail appear in the inbox, bringing a larger number of answers and more commitment than with any customary email showcasing stage. Mailmeteor likewise allows you to customize your messages, from title to content. With customized, profoundly designated crusades, you are set for progress.

See, alter and consummate your showcasing effort before you send it.

Sending an email showcasing effort with Gmail can once in a while feel somewhat startling. We assist you with sending blunder-free email showcasing by allowing you the opportunity to review your messages before they go out. Furthermore, because Mailmeteor sends crusades straightforwardly from Gmail, you can utilize applications like Grammarly to check for botches continuously. Have full harmony of the brain from the principal draft to the last mission.

Email showcasing efforts that land in Inbox, not Spam

Email showcasing is difficult. After going through hours scratching your head, considering how best to make successful email advertising efforts, you want your painstakingly created missions to wind up in inboxes where individuals can see them — not in Spam or Promotions. All with Mailmeteor, we do everything possible to guarantee your messages are conveyed to the inbox, while as yet following Gmail’s prescribed procedures.

##Go past Gmail sending limits, increment your email advertising’s scope

Gmail limits the number of individuals you can email to 2000 beneficiaries each day. Mailmeteor allows you to break the Gmail sending limits with a circulation framework enhanced to send your email showcasing effort for a few days. Mailmeteor makes it conceivable to send a 10,000 email showcasing effort with Gmail.

Send email advertising efforts in Gmail without selling your protection.

Not at all like other email advertising apparatuses for Google, Gmail, or G Suite; Mailmeteor was worked in light of your security. We won’t ever request consent to see your Drive records or bring a profound plunge into your contacts. All things being equal, we just at any point demand the absolute minimum expected to make our apparatus run. That way you can send email advertising efforts in Gmail without forfeiting your protection. Learn more on how we safeguard your security.

For what reason do a huge number of advertisers trust Mailmeteor?

Whether sustaining leads, sending promotions, or conveying a customary bulletin, a huge number of organizations and email advertisers trust Mailmeteor because we safeguard your security, our device is easy to utilize, and we assist you with doing everything utilizing the devices you as of now have love. Peruse all surveys.

Simple to Use, Free to Install

Mailmeteor is easy to utilize and costs nothing to introduce. We simplify it to send email showcasing efforts in Gmail, so you can zero in on your promoting, not learning a troublesome device.

Works with Gmail

Mailmeteor depends on your Google Suite. Everything is concentrated inside the apparatuses you are now acquainted with. Send messages straightforwardly through Gmail and deal with your mailing list inside Google Sheets.

Inherent Privacy

Other email showcasing devices for Gmail might ask you for admittance to your Drive or Inbox. At Mailmeteor, we just request the fundamental information we want to send your email showcasing efforts with Gmail. Learn here more asapstory

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