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Ray Racks are versatile, sturdy shelving systems crafted from metal. They’re designed to replace conventional boards, and they can be arranged in a variety of ways for different storage needs. They’re available as a self-contained construction kit and include an illustrated manual. They’re also available on Vizient GPO contract #CE2900.

X-Ray Apron Racks

Keep radiation protection garments organized and easily accessible with a wall mounted apron rack. Keeping aprons in an assigned storage area reduces wear and tear, prolonging the life of these specialty garments. Having all the appropriate equipment ready for every x-ray procedure saves time and reduces distractions. An uncluttered imaging area also promotes a professional, efficient working environment.

Our apron storage racks can be configured to fit any room size and layout. They are available in wall mount or mobile versions and can be equipped with different sizes of hooks to accommodate a variety of different garment types. Each rack is designed to hold up to ten ErgoLite apron hangers, or any combination of full-wrap and frontal lead aprons. They can also accommodate aprons that are both regular and heavy-duty, along with surgical gowns and costumes (vest-skirt combinations).

A specialized version of our wall mount apron storage rack is the ideal solution for even the smallest of imaging rooms. This premium low-profile design only requires 7″ of clearance. It is available with either two or six heavy-duty 6-inch angled pegs. Pre-drilled mounting holes work with most modern stud spacings, making installation quick and simple.

For a mobile apron storage option that is easy to maneuver, try our versatile swing-arm apron rack. Its four medical-grade casters allow for smooth room-to-room movement, while still maintaining a secure base for stability and durability. It has an anti-tip H-base design and is available with five arms that swing either left or right, or a 10-arm model with both left and right swingers.

Another great way to store your aprons is with our rotary apron and glove storage rack. It can accommodate up to 10 aprons and gloves on pivot arms that rotate, which makes it easy for users to grab the correct garment. Its all-steel construction and anti-static finish ensure long-term functionality, while its unique design minimizes dust accumulation and enables easy cleaning. This apron and glove rack is also available with five, 10 or 20-arm models. Each apron and glove storage rack includes a pair of vertical rounded top glove adapters for added versatility.

Lead Apron Racks

Keeping radiation protective garments organized helps reduce misplaced or damaged garments, and it also allows medical personnel to quickly access their equipment. X-ray lead apron racks offer a solution to this problem and help maintain an uncluttered imaging environment that promotes efficient work practices.

Designed to store lead aprons without folding or creasing them, these racks feature a durable construction that offers long-term use. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes to meet the specific needs of each imaging department. For example, a mobile swing-arm rack features four easy-glide medical-grade locking casters that make room-to-room movement quick and convenient. The rack’s heavy-duty all-steel frame provides long-term durability and can support a large amount of weight. It also includes an anti-tip design and a low clearance H-Base to prevent collisions with other equipment.

Radiation protection garments such as lead aprons protect medical staff from direct exposure to ionizing radiation during diagnostic imaging procedures. They are typically worn by physicians and imaging staff members who perform x-ray or fluoroscopy examinations on patients in radiology departments, surgical suites, clinics, and other medical facilities. The lead aprons help to attenuate up to 90% of ionizing radiation and protect against common health complications that can arise from prolonged direct exposure, such as cancer or cataracts.

The aprons are inspected before each use to ensure that they remain in good condition. This visual inspection should include checking for rips, tears, and any sagging of the lead lining. The aprons are also required to be fluoroscopically inspected at least annually or as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. This process is straightforward and often conducted by the radiation safety officer at a hospital.

Having an organized storage system for aprons can help to keep them in good condition, and it can also make State or Joint Commission inspections easier. In addition, aprons stored in a designated location will be readily available and ready to wear for each imaging procedure, which can help speed up workflow. This type of centralized apron storage is an essential piece of any radiology imaging facility.

Storage Cabinets

The storage cabinets sold by https://raysracks.com/van-bulkheads-gmc-savana have been carefully crafted with an eye to beauty as well as function. They come in a wide variety of styles and sizes to suit all types of living spaces. Most are made of sturdy eucalyptus or manufactured wood that can be stained or painted to match any decor. A few models are even constructed of solid oak that is a hallmark of quality in furniture. They can be stacked or arranged side-by-side for a more custom look. Some feature adjustable shelves that will accommodate a combination of Blu-Ray, DVD, and CD storage scenarios.

Some of the cabinets are designed to take up very little floor space, making them a great choice for homes with limited space. Others are taller and deeper for maximum storage capacity. Some are even equipped with locks and hinges to provide added security for valuable items. They are perfect for storing DVDs, Blu-Rays, and other media items as well as household goods such as paperback books and hardbound magazines.

Many people collect old VHS tapes, especially the classic movies like Back to the Future, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Ghostbusters. These vintage tapes can be very collectable, selling for $25k or more on auction sites and at garage sales. Many of these VHS collectors are searching for ways to store their collection without losing valuable floor space in their home. VHS storage cabinets can be a solution to this problem, offering plenty of shelf space for storing these collectibles.

The simple design of this particular cabinet will blend in with most living rooms, although it can be decorated to reflect the owner’s personality. For example, the shelving can be filled with small decorative objects, travel souvenirs, and framed family photos. The clean lines of the cabinet will also fit in with modern or contemporary styles, and it can be used to minimize clutter in a home entertainment room or TV area.

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to organize your CDs and DVDs or an elegant way to show off a movie collection, this VHS storage rack is the perfect solution. Its versatile style and multiple color options make it a great addition to any room in the house.

Merchandise Displays

Product displays help shoppers see what the product looks like and how it works. They can also be used to promote sales and promotions. Merchandising displays are the cornerstone of any retail or storefront marketing plan and should be updated regularly to reflect new products or changes in customer demand. The display layout should be carefully planned to ensure that there are enough styles and sizes of a particular item to meet the customer’s needs.

A variety of different types of merchandise displays are available to retailers, from freestanding stands to mannequins and wall mount fixtures. Standalone displays are often designed with specific products in mind, such as apparel or furniture. These can be a great way to draw attention from shoppers in high traffic areas or at checkout. They can also be used to showcase a single item, such as a perfume bottle or gift basket.

Depending on the size of the item, merchandise displays can be made of a wide variety of materials, including cardboard. Some of these displays are shaped, while others are flat and feature a number of slots, hooks, or shelves for the item. Others are simply trays that break up the visual monotony of shelf space and can be placed on the edge of an aisle. Some of these merchandising displays are even curved to make them more attractive and to capture the attention of shoppers walking past.

Another type of merchandising display is the power wing, also known as a sidecap or endcap. These small point of purchase displays are ideal for maximizing shelf space in a particular area. They can be used to entice impulse buys, highlight special items, or cross-merchandise complementary products. These are also popular in grocery stores for items such as candy, drinks, or lip balm.

Garment racks and display tables are common ways to display clothing, while mannequins can be used for whole outfit displays. Furniture displays are another popular tactile merchandising display that allows customers to try out the sofa before making a purchase. Other freestanding displays throughout the store can be used to draw attention to specific items and promote sales and specials.

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