Orient Energy Systems Signs 200MW Letter of Intent with Kuka Cable

As a black sedan slowly pulled in, KUKA CABLE’s CEO, Tim, personally welcomed the visiting representatives, Sajid Al (G.M) and Muhammad Wasif Laeeq. With warm greetings and blessings, both parties entered the meeting room to engage in in-depth discussions about future collaboration.

During the meeting, the delegation and the KUKA CABLE team shared their respective company histories and visions, reflecting on their past collaborative efforts. Orient Energy Systems highly praised KUKA CABLE for its performance in quality, service, and pricing, while also addressing potential challenges in the future.

In the process of jointly identifying potential obstacles and devising solutions, both parties expressed a strong confidence in collaborating when facing difficulties. The Orient Energy Systems delegation expressed their willingness to assist KUKA CABLE in local promotion within Pakistan and deepen its brand influence in the local market.

Furthermore, the meeting delved into core issues such as cable quality and pricing, reaching unanimous agreement. Tim emphasized the commitment to prioritizing quality and expressed intentions to lower costs while maintaining quality by optimizing the raw material supply chain and improving production efficiency.

After the meeting, Tim personally led the delegation on a tour of KUKA CABLE’s production process, vividly demonstrating the company’s strict quality control. Real-time demonstrations of diameter measurement, spark testing, and 24 quality checks in the finished product segment provided the delegation with a deeper understanding of KUKA CABLE’s manufacturing process.

Particularly in the finished product testing segment, the delegation showed keen interest in tests such as UV resistance, aging, and combustion trials. In the aging test, the photovoltaic cable underwent stretching until it broke, with the monitored record showing an astonishing elongation at break of 400%, far exceeding the standard requirement of 125%. Other core performance indicators, such as flame resistance and tensile strength, also demonstrated outstanding results.

On the second day, based on four years of deep collaboration and understanding of KUKA CABLE’s production process, Orient Energy Systems and KUKA CABLE formally signed a letter of intent for the collaboration on 200MW of solar cables. Both parties expressed firm expectations for future collaboration, working together to drive the development of the renewable energy industry.

As the event concluded, KUKA CABLE invited the delegation to explore Shanghai and enjoy a delightful dinner, marking a beautiful end to this collaborative journey. Orient Energy Systems and KUKA CABLE unanimously stated that this exchange not only solidified the foundation of their collaboration but also opened new doors for future in-depth cooperation. They look forward to joint efforts in bringing more innovation and excellence to the renewable energy industry.

City:Building 15, No. 9655, Tingwei Highway, Tinglin Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, China

Company Name: KUKA CABLE


Contact: 0086-18317109559

Email Address: [email protected]

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