• December 7, 2022

Major Changes That We Saw in the Entertainment Industry in the Past Decade


Well, with covid 19 lockdowns on and off, and a lot more going on, 2020 until 2022 was a blur. These years were a true challenge for the entertainment industry, as the inflation had risen to the clouds, and because they were bound to keep the cinemas closed. Well, when it comes to inflation and closing down of businesses, almost all industries saw a tough time. With everything at its renewal, we will discuss the major positive changes that we saw in the entertainment industry in the past decade.

The Cord Cutting Revolution

When it comes to watching movies, TV shows, as well as programs, music and documentaries, gone are the days when you used to wait for a specific time to watch your favorite shows on TV. In the past decade, one of the major and best changes that we have come across that shaped the industry is that on-demand content got popularity. Netflix started in 2007, and expanded in the entire world by 2016, becoming the widest and largely used on-demand streaming platform.

After the rise of Netflix, other streaming services gained popularity, and in no time people completely shifted to watching movies on streaming services. Well, that it not it, when it comes to the cord cutting revolution, many TV service providers started offering on demand content along with their usual cable TV and even Satellite TV services. Well, this way when you have a family that requires the traditional TV as well on demand content there are Satellite TV services on Buytvinternetphone.com that are affordable and come with traditional TV as well as on-demand option of streaming. It is best for people who live in rural areas.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Well, when it comes to the changes in the entertainment industry post 2010, one of the best things that have occurred is that the cinema has become diverse and inclusive. Compared to the movies, shows, and other content, the past decade not only brought inclusiveness, and diversity, the industry started to ditch the common beauty standards, colorism, and racism.

We saw diversity to both big and small screens. Before this, people of color were mostly overlooked, and there was a lot of bias against them. After the 2015’s #OscarsSoWhite campaign, where all award nominees were white people, we saw it after 2016 that movies with diverse narratives came out such as, ‘Get out’, ‘Moonlight’, ‘Black Panther’ ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, and many more.

Gender Equality

Well, when it comes to abuse of power in Hollywood, there was an incident where a girl reported harassment from a producers. A lot of other women came up with similar stories which revealed the bigger problem of abuse of power in Hollywood. Due to this incident, movements like #Metoo started and gender equality became the hot topic. After that incident and the number of women being low in the industry changed, and since then there has been a positive change for women in the industry.

It has become comparatively easier for women to work in the industry than it used to be. Women were seen directing movies more, and actresses started doing empowering movies that had them as the solo protagonists.

New Technology Was Used

In the early part of the decade, one of the major changes we saw was that 3D filmmaking got more high tech and was being normalized. Good quality 3D films were in demand and studios started working on making 3D animated films. Besides 3D cinema on rise, high tech computer-generated imagery was used to de-age actors.

Animation Got the Hype It Deserved

The best thing about animation is that it can give you experiences that live-action films are not capable of. Well, when it comes to animated films, in the last decade we saw animated films achieving the hype that it did not get before. The animated films hit higher box office earnings, critical acclaim and thematic depth that discussed the human nature. When it comes to movies, we have the example of Toy Story 4 that reached $1 Billion at the worldwide box office. Besides, the animated TV shows BoJack Horesman, and Rick and Morty are examples how animated TV shows have even gained the long deserved popularity in the adult world as well.

Television Programs Became Niche

One of the most positive and major changes of the streaming era is that the TV programs have become more niche. When ratings did not satisfy channels, they would often cancel shows, but when streaming services got popularity, video on-demand allowed shows to find their relevant organically. There are complete TV shows based on niches that did not get popularity in the pre video on demand era, but they have gained popularity now, because of being accessible to the relevant audience. When streaming platforms personalize content suggestions according to people’s interests, all shows gain popularity among the right audience.

Change in Trending Genres

When it comes to the major changes in entertainment industry in the last decade, one of the changes that we noticed was the fact that the trending genres changed majorly. Well, we saw horror getting popularity over comedy, and we also saw social and political issues being discussed in movies, TV shows, as well as documentaries.

The Hierarchy and Business are Changing

With the rise of video on demand, the best change that we have observed happening in the 2010s is the fact that the hierarchy in the entertainment business changed. With video on demand, gone are the days when there used to be a few popular studios and content creators. With the streaming services on rise, these platforms became studios themselves and offered a competitive edge against the traditional studios of the industry. With the popular streaming services in trend, a lot of new writers and directors got the chance to direct and write films, TV shows, and documentaries which gave us new content to watch, and people got more chances to showcase their talents.

Well, 2010s really did change the face of the industry, as some great content was created and steps were taken.



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