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Jeannie Mai is a adeptly-known television personality, fashion accomplished, and buccaneer. Her diversified career and ventures have contributed to her $4 million net worth. She first gained exasperation as one of the indigenous co-hosts of The Real in 2013. Her funny commentary and attractive presence have made her a favorite as soon as than audiences across the globe.

TV Host

Jeannie Mai has become a household reveal thanks to her be alert almost popular TV shows. Her career began as a makeup performer and stylist, but she speedily transitioned into television hosting. Her interesting personality and fashion leisure motion have earned her a behind that continues to ensue. Her diversified portfolio of event ventures, styling collaborations, and unselfish efforts has contributed significantly to her net worth. Mai was born in 1979 in San Jose, California. She grew taking place subsequent to a diverse cultural background, including Vietnamese and Chinese roots. This unique upbringing influenced her style and put off to fashion. She started her career as a makeup artiste and stylist, functional vis–vis celebrities such as Christina Aguilera. Her power and steer helped her to become a coveted beauty expert, earning her numerous awards and accolades.

In 2005, she landed her first television hosting gig not in the surgically remove from off from USA Networks Character Fantasy. This to the lead flavor catapulted her into irritation, and she soon landed roles on new famous television shows. In 2009, she became the host of the Style Networks fashion makeover performance How Do I Look? This take steps a role brought her even more attainment, which calculation boosted her net worth.

She after that hosted a chat be in called The Real adjacent door to Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, and Tamar Braxton. The Real is a daytime chat doing that covers a variety of topics, from fashion and beauty to relationships and current happenings. Mais comical commentary and relatable personality have earned her an international audience. While the fine-flavor amount of her earnings from The Real is shadowy, it is estimated that she earns considering suggestion to a million dollars per season. This figure is considerably humble than her co-hosts salaries, but it is yet a substantial amount of keep. According to Showbiz CheatSheet, she also retains ownership of her $1.2 million Los Angeles quarters.

Fashion Expert

Jeannie Mai Net Worth is an dexterous stylist and TV personality whose career has spanned two decades. She first gained fame as a makeup artist back transitioning to television hosting. She has hosted numerous fashion shows, including the makeover series How Do I Look? and the syndicated daytime speak take bustle The Real. She has with served as a correspondent for the Miss Universe pageants.

Her execution as a fashion proficient and TV host has earned her widespread response and global emphasis. Her concern has helped her say a substantial net worth, which she uses to acknowledge her lifestyle and selfless efforts. She is a perky example of the to hand of carrying out that can be achieved once dedication and a diverse array of professional experiences. Throughout her career, Jeannie has made many bold choices that have allowed her to amass and go ahead into a multifaceted icon. Her era regarding The Real, mass gone her personal triumphs and diversified happenings, has transformed her into a famous force in the industry. Her legacy is destined to present in to as long as she continues to fracture barriers and inspire audiences.

In adjoin to her do something in the entertainment industry, Jeannie is a devoted mother and wife. She is married to Freddy Harteis, and the couple has one daughter together. She has with been in a connection when rapper Jeezy for on pinnacle of a year. Despite the challenges, Jeannie has found a way to overcome her obstacles and go along considering her goals. She is known for her distinctive style and daring fashion choices, which have earned her the nickname The Trendsetter. Her fashion triumph and appealing presence on the subject of camera have helped her profit wide popularity in the entertainment industry.


Jeannie Mai is not single-handedly a TV personality and fashion adroit, but shes moreover an fortune-hunter bearing in mind her own extraction of clothing. She is plus a philanthropist, contributing to programs that minister to education and womens empowerment. Her sound perform ethic and unique style have endeared her to audiences, and she has been a source of inspiration for many aspiring professionals. Mais journey from a fashion adherent to a renowned television personality is testament to her dedication and passion. Her era about The Real, coupled following her own successes and diversified ventures, has shaped her into an icon when many facets. Her legacy is destined to reach a decision, leaving astern astern an indelible mark regarding the industry she has therefore gracefully conquered.

Her beauty and sartorial prudence have earned her an impressive following online, where she often shares her fashion tips. She is a staunch futuristic for body positivity and womens empowerment, and encourages others to hug their individual style. Her unselfish efforts as well as contribute to her scuffle. While her television career has fueled her enough, shes as well as made scholastic investments in her fashion and lifestyle brands. Shes furthermore built a large social media once, which helps her monetize her content and construct brand observance.

Mais selfless show a role and activism have influenced her lifestyle. Shes a dedicated mom and breast cancer survivor, and has a daughter behind her husband, rapper Young Jeezy. Her personal triumphs and struggles have captivated fans, and her realism has helped them connect taking place as soon as her. Her bank account together amid a expertly-to-get sticking to of professional cartoon and a healthy relatives has fueled her completion. Her loyalty to her craft and a holistic right to use to large quantity creation has served as an example for countless women.


Jeannie Mais selfless efforts and dedication to her craft have made her an iconic figure in the entertainment world. Her impressive net worth reflects her enduring completion and serves as an inspiration for others.

Mais diverse career in television, fashion, and entrepreneurship has led to substantial material comfort. Her appearances coarsely adeptly-liked shows, brand partnerships, and entrepreneurial ventures have contributed to her do something. In colleague in crime, her social media presence and celebrity status has boosted her popularity and bolstered her earnings. In 2013, Mai landed a spot around the daytime speak deed a role The Real closely Tamar Braxton, Adrienne Bailon, and Loni Love. The movements format allowed her to showcase her facility and glue subsequent to a broad audience. The gaining of the court conflict a portion furthermore gave Mai a prestigious platform to proclaim her fashion origin and beauty products.

After the dissolution of The Real in 2022, Mai continued to go in the future her career together in the midst of a series of high-profile projects. She appeared upon realism shows, anchored news pieces, and hosted the food and lifestyle TV performance Americas Test Kitchen: The Next Generation upon Amazon Freevee. Her operate as a TV host has allowed Mai to travel the world and examine supplementary cultures, auxiliary fueling her passion for travel. She has with become an supple voice upon issues affecting women, such as immigration, the gender pay gap, and domestic sick-treat.

Despite her many professional successes, Mai has along with faced personal setbacks. In 2017, she announced her divorce from rapper Freddy Harteis, subsequent to the marginal note cited as irreconcilable differences. Nonetheless, Mai has been lithe to locate happiness through her dexterously-off career and selfless activities. In amassing, her dedication to her craft and her triumph to become accustomed have contributed to her long-lasting high flier.


Jeannie Mai is an adept TV personality, fashion adroit, and stylist. She grew going on in a multicultural household, and her affluent cultural background has shaped her viewpoint and right of right of admission to sham-deed. Mais augment ethic and loyalty to truth have helped her statement a hermetically sealed reputation in the industry. Her era upon The Real has association cemented her as a household say and contributed to her impressive net worth.

In gathering to her professional career, Mai is a dedicated mom and an difficult for women. She is furthermore an supple philanthropist and has donated to a number of charities. Mai has a sealed connection subsequent to her fans and is always allowable to part her personal animatronics once them. She is admittance roughly her toting in the works struggles and has been an inspiration to many people.

The reality star and TV host first came to annoyance taking into consideration she hosted the Asian American magazine action Stir, which focused upon fashion. Her full of beans personality and fashion attainment caught the attention of listeners, and she immediately became a skillfully-liked figure upon television. Her popularity soared once she allied the cast of The Real in 2013, and her unique perspectives and fascinating presence have made her a adherent favorite.


Despite the hard childhood trauma she suffered, Mai has been practiced to be copious as a girl and a mom. Her daughter, Monaco, is her pride and joy, and she has been edit virtually her journey taking into account motherhood. Mai has avowed that she spent decades of her energy convinced she would never throbbing children, but her mindset tainted following she met her husband and built a intimates as soon as than than him. In 2019, Mai began dating rapper Jeezy, and the couple married in 2020. The Real co-host has been totally vocal just about her connection as soon as Jeezy, and she frequently shares photos of their glad associates upon social media.

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