How To Use Consumer Priority Service Reviews To Your Advantage

Consumer Priority Service has garnered a large number of positive reviews for its comprehensive coverage, responsive customer support, and hassle-free claims process. Unlike other extended warranties like Assurant, CPS does not require consumers to sign contracts, which is a huge perk for many shoppers. Consumers can also manage their warranty plans entirely online and are able to cancel their protection plan at any time.

Customer Service

Consumer Priority Service offers comprehensive warranty coverage for a variety of consumer purchases. They also offer bundles to save consumers money and provide maximum protection. They never require consumers to sign a contract and allow them to cancel their plan at any time without penalty. Consumers can file a claim for repairs or compensation online or over the phone. They have a dedicated customer service team that responds to inquiries quickly and accurately.

Customers have praised the company’s extensive coverage and hassle-free claims process. Many have even compared it to Apple Care, and the overwhelming majority have found CPS to be superior. Consumers can manage their warranties completely online and access helpful resources like user manuals, preventative maintenance tips, and manufacturer recall information. Additionally, Consumer Priority Service Reviews has a strong commitment to sustainability and partners with responsible e-waste recyclers. They are the clear choice for consumers who want to protect their electronics, appliances, and home systems against damages and malfunctions.


Consumer Priority Service (CPS) is a leader in the warranty solutions industry, offering coverage for a wide range of devices. Its plans cover repairs for accidental damage, mechanical failures, and power surges. In addition, CPS offers a hassle-free claims process. Consumer feedback shows that customers appreciate the comprehensive coverage and responsive customer support offered by CPS. Customers can also manage their warranties online and easily cancel their plans if needed.

Consumer Priority Service also provides a flexible repair process with a network of repair centers. Their pricing is competitive and transparent, with no hidden fees or deductibles. In contrast, SquareTrade is more expensive and offers limited coverage. Both companies offer protection plans for a variety of products, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. They both provide coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty and can save consumers money on repair costs. However, Consumer Priority Service stands out from the competition with its excellent customer service and commitment to sustainability.

Claims Process

Since its founding, Consumer Priority Service has built a best-in-class reputation within the warranty solutions market. Its innovative service plans protect a wide range of high-end consumer electronics, computer equipment, and appliances. Its customers can manage their service plan experience entirely online, updating information and tracking the status of repairs or claims. Consumers are never locked into a contract and can cancel their monthly plan at any time.

In comparison to the competition, such as SquareTrade, Consumer Priority Service offers competitive pricing for its extended warranty plans, with no hidden fees or deductibles. In addition, it offers a convenient mail-in repair process and network of repair centers. Moreover, it has made a commitment to sustainability and partners with responsible e-waste recyclers. Assurant, on the other hand, has been criticized for its customer service, with many consumers reporting long wait times and unhelpful representatives. This is one of the main reasons why Consumer Priority Service has a more positive customer rating than Assurant.


Consumer Priority Service is a leader in the extended warranty industry, offering comprehensive purchase protection plans for electronics, appliances and power tools. The company’s extensive coverage and low prices make it a popular choice among consumers. The company also offers a range of bundling options that can save customers even more money. In addition, its convenient online management makes it easy to access and manage warranties.

As a result, the company has earned a best-in-class reputation with retailers, e-commerce and manufacturers. Its partnerships with Dell, Microsoft and HP further solidify its position as a leading brand in the industry.

While many consumers say they want to buy sustainable products, GfK research suggests there remains a disconnect between consumer attitudes and purchasing behavior. In fact, the percentage of consumers who believe sustainable products cost more than their traditional counterparts increased between 2020 and 2022.


Consumer Priority Service (CPS) is the leading warranty solutions provider in the market. CPS offers top notch warranty protection for your purchases to ensure life and longevity. CPS’s extended service plans offer reliable, hassle free comprehensive parts and labor coverage that goes above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

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