• December 8, 2022

Guidelines For Choosing ID Card Software

ID Card Software

You’ve decided to print your own identification cards. Businesses and organizations are increasingly managing their own ID card printing requirements and acquiring an identification card system. Due to technical advancements and lower system prices, buying a system is wise and gives a business total control over its card printing requirements.

For designing ID cards, there are numerous different software programs available. Many packages come with a sizable database that may be used to keep track of the cards that have been produced and enable more prints as needed.

When starting your search for a ID card software, the sheer number of vendors and versions could be overwhelming. The software on hand offers various degrees of ID card printing functionality. The ID card program may be fairly complicated and include importing and exporting databases on networked computers, or it may design a simple ID card.

For the finest software analysis, it’s crucial to be aware of the answers to the questions below while choosing the software.

Is a Single Side Print Adequate

Do you need to print on both sides of the card? Designing and producing single side cards is significantly easier than printing dual sided cards. Start your search for software that allows for the creation and printing of two sides of the card if a dual-sided print is required.

Do You Require a Database to Store Cardholder Data?

A database may not be required and entry level software may be sufficient if there are only a few individuals in your organization and it would not be challenging to key in information each time a new badge or a reprinted badge is needed. Large enterprises frequently need to easily reproduce cards, wish to publish reports of the cards they have printed, and may have specific purposes for the data in the database. For these requirements, advanced ID card software is essential. A network-based database sharing option is also desired by certain larger enterprises. Software with specialized versions also meets these requirements.

Is the Card Need to Be Encoded?

If the card has a magnetic stripe, the information about the cardholder that may be required for different applications can be stored on it. The majority of software can actually encode a card’s magnetic stripe, and most printers have a module for doing so as well. The smart card is one of the more recent encoding alternatives. If you want the printer to encode a smart card as it passes through for the print job, software will need to be able to supply the precise information to do so. It is crucial to take extra precautions to make sure that the software and printer can conduct the precise encoding that is required.

ID, Card Five, and software by Jolly are a few of the more well-known and reputable software developers on the market. There are numerous software versions available from each of these manufacturers. Some versions are entry level and offer simple choices for creating ID badges. Other versions are strong and offer top-notch output for card printing needs.

Almost all reputable software developers offer a 30-day trial of their entry-level software bundle. This enables potential consumers to examine the software’s appearance and feel before deciding to purchase it to make sure it is the right bundle.

Good loyalty card software will also allow you to add your own custom scripts, making it possible to change rights or card kinds on a subset of your cards semi-automatically in the future.

You will be able to ensure that your ID cards truly capture the essence of your business if you are able to thoroughly design them. Because of this, adopting expert ID card software is advised over outsourcing your cards. Although you won’t be able to fully manage the design if you outsource your cards, you will be able to provide an ID card company with some general instructions. On the other hand, if you use ID card software, you will have practically total control over the final result. Your company will be reflected on your ID cards.


Of course, everything has a drawback. If you do your task carelessly, your completed product can also be carelessly done and unprofessional. It could appear cluttered and badly constructed. However, ID card software should provide a selection of templates from which you may choose for straightforward fill-in-the-blank cards since it is intended to be used by people who are not necessarily design experts. If design is not your strongest suit, you might wish to choose a more or less finished template and limit your experimentation.


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