• December 7, 2022

Greece Yacht Charters: Experience the Real Mediterranean

Probably among the most popular tourist destinations worldwide is Greece. Everyone wants to see the place that had such a significant impact on the development of modern art, language, philosophy, politics, and sports. Let’s be honest, another reason people choose to visit this area is that it is situated in Southern Europe on numerous islands in the Mediterranean Sea, giving it miles and miles of shoreline.

I know what you’re thinking: because it’s so popular Greece is a pretty congested area in the summer, but there’s another way of enjoying the Greek sun and truly it’s a far better way of moving around than in a car. When planning a trip to Greece for vacation, you ought to think about booking a Luxury Yacht Charter Greece.

Recent Investment

The Greek government’s most recent investments are concentrated in non-mass tourism zones, the less developed but nevertheless stunning areas of the country’s interior. A vast number of sailing aficionados may routinely cruise the nation’s seas thanks to its infrastructure. There are more than 50 marinas offering complete services and about 15,000 mooring berths (fuel, water, electricity, repairs).

The Cyclades, the Sporades, the Dodecanese, the Peloponnese, and Attica, the area surrounding the nation’s capital Athens, which is a busy port and also the main transit station for the majority of sailors traveling to Greece, are among the most well-liked destinations for yachties. It’s important to note that Greece has a sizable and vibrant yachting community that may be a wise and helpful friend to both the inexperienced skipper and the more seasoned sailor in times of need.

Specific Advantages

But what specific advantages come with a vacation on a yacht charter? Consider sailing your yacht from harbor to harbor and from Lovely Island to lovely island. In addition to having complete freedom and seclusion, you can venture off the usual road and encounter authentic Greek culture, much like the first sailors did. You may plan your trip as you choose and avoid crowds and schedules if you decide to sail.

And if you’ve come to the conclusion that a yachting vacation won’t be all that horrible, know that the gods are smiling on you because they have blessed Greece with wonderful weather from April to October, which is characterized by long warm days and seemingly unending sunshine! There is no chance that you will leave this nation any other hue than golden brown.

There are over 1000 berths available for mooring here, therefore it’s difficult to find this spot completely booked, even during the busy summer months, which increases the wonderful Gulet Charter Greece vacation potential. Despite this, the Kalamaki is situated on local land rather than what is typically thought of as tourist territory, which also explains why there aren’t many tourist services in the area.

You’ll be relieved to learn that transfer times from Athens International Airport, the nation’s largest transportation hub with connections to various locations across the world, are almost always under an hour if you’re ready to give up a few creature comforts and your good looks.

Overall landscape

A visitor may easily get lost in the area’s overall landscape, which is made up of tall apartment buildings connected by a web of winding, crooked streets. Despite all of this, this is the ideal location to get a glimpse of the authentic Greek way of life because you won’t find it in the town center or close to the more well-known sites.

However, you’ll discover that this isn’t the high style or the fashion district of Athens. Another benefit is that local shopping is less expensive than in the core metropolitan region. The majority of the stores are modest, family-run establishments that can meet your basic necessities.

A few modest and reasonably priced eateries, the majority of which are bars, feed the hordes of hungry tourists who travel here to hire yachts in Greece. However, it appears that more restaurants are opening up in recent years, likely in reaction to the rising number of sailing tourists who visit the marina each year. Following the locals is the best strategy for avoiding a tourist trap because they know where to find the best cuisine and the best deals. You’ll need to travel to the Plaka neighborhood, one of the city’s foodie hotspots, if you’re looking for a fine-dining experience.


There are other late-night establishments in the marina’s vicinity as well that can meet your entertainment needs. This is only true for a casual drink because you need to take a taxi to the old part of town, where most of the clubs, bars, and pubs are, for a wilder and noisier experience. Here, summer tourists mix with locals to create a lively scene. In fact, the nearby bars’ loud music throughout the night may be an issue for individuals who like to get to bed early.


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