• December 7, 2022

Glass in Thermopane Windows That Has Collapsed

vacuum glass unit

Thermopane paned windows are made of two glass panels separated by a spacer bar & sealed together. Some windows were made with argon gas pumped into the area between the vacuum double glazing to increase energy efficiency.

Additional Causes of Broken Glass

Other causes can also have contributed to a glass window that has collapsed. One glass panel is stacked on top of the other, separated by a spacer bar, and the two are then sealed together to create enormous thermopane units.

To allow the cavity to equalize, the large unit should ideally be erected upright, briefly ventilated using a breather tube, and then resealed. The pressure inside the window cavity of the large thermopane that has not been equalized will decrease after standing up.

Several smaller thermopane glass units are produced from a single piece of strength glass (1/16″). However, due to its brittleness, this Glass may flex inward under icy conditions, reducing the window’s insulation capacity.

A partially vacuumed (low pressure) gas (air) within a collapsed window cavity compresses and causes the two panels of Glass to bend inward, which is a severe issue in colder climates.

Factors That Lead to The Breaking Of Glass

  • If the seal has allowed the Argon into the thermopane unit to escape.
  • There won’t be much room for the vacuum glass unit to bend before it impacts if the spacer bar, the visible, typically silver bar surrounding the thermopane unit, is small.
  • Single-strength (1/16) Glass is less flexible and more robust if used in the unit.
  • The air remaining in the window cavity will start to contract even more as the temperature drops, pulling the two panes of Glass inward.

How to Tell Whether Your Glass Has Broken

Indicators of collapsed Glass on the inside of a house include a faint rainbow-colored area in the center of the window (where the glass panels are contacting) and, sometimes, an oval or round condensation patch in the window’s center. The circular condensation region disappears in warmer weather, which could lead the homeowner to feel that the problem has been resolved; however, this is inaccurate. If the situation continues, heat loss through the Glass will indeed resume.

Glass is passed through a set of rollers and into an oven that is frequently heated to 720 Celsius to create tempered Glass. After being quickly cooled, it becomes stronger and breaks into several small pieces when broken. Safety concerns need this outcome. Almost all current construction rules mandate the use of tempered Glass for windows more significant than a particular dimension. This sort of Glass often comes in thicknesses of 1/8 inch, 3/16 inch, and 1/4 inch.

Barriers Caused by Broken Glass

The R-value of a window is significantly influenced by the amount of space inside the window cavity. When the gap between the Glass is extended, the R-value of the thermopane unit falls. Collapsed Glass limits the area inside the window cavity and reduces the window’s ability to insulate by causing the two glass panels to flex inward. Extreme glass panel flexing may result in early seal breakage and the need for thermopane replacement. In addition, the Glass can occasionally be bent together with sufficient power for one or both panels to break.

Repairing Shattered Glass

A broken piece of Glass can be repaired. A professional can release the negative pressure and restore equilibrium to the window cavity by utilizing specialized tools to break through the Glass. After that, an evident seal is placed over the hole to reseal the window. This will restore the window’s insulating abilities without the original Argon. It cannot be drilled as readily as it can in an annealed unit (regular thermopane). It is possible to undertake the technique of puncturing the seal and spacer, allowing outside air into the window cavity to equalize it, and then resealing the unit using these tempered glass components since they can be removed from the window frame.


Broken Glass becomes more of a problem when windows deteriorate and the original Argon gas leaks from the window cavities. As energy costs grow, restoring the windows’ insulating capabilities is essential and avoiding the need for future glass replacement.


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