• December 7, 2022

Dietary Supplement Safety: Can Shaklee Products Be Relied Upon?

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The safety of nutritional supplements has received a lot of attention recently. Recalls of fish oil supplements and other “clean” items have prompted some customers to reconsider their purchases. The prices for the food and grocery store supplements are low, but what do you actually get for that lower price? Most of the time, absolutely nothing. Seriously.

Reliable Antioxidant

The retail-bought calcium supplements look the same when they leave the store; nothing beneficial for your body was done. The supplements you see on those shelves might not always work the way they claim to or the way you might expect them to based only on their name. 

Since vitamin E is a reliable antioxidant, you can assume that all supplements Protetox reviews and nutrition are of comparable quality; the same can be said for any other specific vitamin or mineral. Actually, this is not the case.

Not all supplements are manufactured equally, that is a reality. One item may likely preserve greater dependability than others that make the same or similar claims because those with patents prevent other businesses from using the exact same substances in the exact same concentration or blend. We frequently observe this with off-brand products. Some are flawless and on par with major brands, while others are unable to contain all of the essential elements found in the original.

Diet Books Only Mention

Have you ever wondered why the majority of diet books only seldom mention dietary supplements, and when they do, it’s usually their own brands. People would pay good, hard-earned money for something they know will not work, which is the main cause of this.

The majority of these supplement advertising initiatives begin with TV or print ads before transitioning to online marketing. The business of selling supplements online is growing rapidly, and more businesses are joining the trend. The basic explanation is that there are even fewer restrictions than if it were TV advertising.

The next effective strategy is to hire a celebrity to promote the goods. This works well with Oprah and a few other people. Oprah is on a fresh, excellent diet every time I turn on the TV. People are willing to try everything, but not what is required to lose weight. The most recent fad diet will be chosen instead of the tried-and-true diets that are readily available and truly work. The difference is that with effective diets, everyday effort is required. While dieting is not complicated, it is labor-intensive.

The excitement and ease of taking a tablet that will help you lose weight is constant. It certainly beats spending hours exercising, going to the gym, or eating meals made of processed foods that aren’t really pleasant. I am aware that any day, I would choose a cherry pie and ice cream over a veggie tray and low-calorie dip.

How Does This Affect Shaklee Customers? 

You can be sure that what you order will match what you can see and read on the label. Shaklee goes above and beyond for quality assurance and testing, even going so far as to hire outside labs and secure patents for its goods. No other business that I am aware of goes through as much to be as effective. Shaklee is accustomed to doing this because their founder, Dr. Shaklee, encouraged them to always work in harmony with nature. Even more, they continue and have done so for more than 50 years, not just stopping with one success.

Each and every Shaklee product is underpinned by the core principles of dietary supplement safety and environmental safety. Because of this, Shaklee, unlike so many other businesses, provides a 100% money-back guarantee. Even if you have used up all of the product, simply send back the empty bottle for a full refund, no questions asked. 

How Many Shop Brands Can Make That Claim?

The bottom line is that you can trust that every Shaklee product you bring into your home will work as effectively and powerfully as it claims on the bottle. Shaklee has published in numerous peer-reviewed journals and other publications and felt safe enough to send their goods to independent reviewers to ensure the accuracy of their findings. Additionally, they announce it without delay. Spreading good news is important. The best news of all is that Shaklee offers a safe, sound nutritional supplement alongside their many other wonderful items.


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